The island of Taha’a is to the north of her big sister, Raiatea, in the same lagoon. It is a unique destination in French Polynesia where life goes by at a very Tahitian rhythm.

This flower-shaped island is surrounded by a string of small motu, each with pristine white sandy beaches. The air is filled with the scent of vanilla from the many plantations, which are pleased to welcome visitors. For an authentic vacation, you can stay in a Tahitian Guesthouse. The island also has several hotels, including a luxury resort on a motu. There are many activities to try, such as snorkeling, diving, hiking, boat trips and more. And there are even two rum distilleries for you to visit.

What makes it so special

Why visit Taha’a

Coral Garden on Taha'a © Grégoire Le Bacon

A colorful lagoon

The crystal clear turquoise lagoon is perfect for diving enthusiasts, with magnificent coral and a multitude of marine life to discover.

Fishing trips and motu excursions which include a picnic on the beach, are also very popular. And there are several pearl farms you can visit to learn about the creation of these magnificent jewels.

Taha'a's motu Céran © Emmanuel Bouvet

Wild and preserved trails

Life goes by at a gentle pace in Taha’a. It is a tranquil island with a luxuriant and preserved vegetation, which you can explore on numerous hiking trails.

There is a particularly scenic trail called la traversière, which winds its way all across the island. The island has several vanilla plantations that you can visit, as well as two rum distilleries.

The coast of vanilla island

Thanks to the transparency of its waters, you can admire Taha’a’s underwater life at depths of up to 40 metres.


Not to be missed

What to do

You can tour the island by bike or e-bike, or take a round-island excursion and admire the views over Raiatea, to the east, and Bora Bora, to the northwest. Visit the vanilla valley and discover the secrets behind the production of this unique spice. There are two rum distilleries on the island, where you can taste some of their delicious spirits (in moderation!).

For a truly magical experience, take a tour to the coral garden. You float in the current that sweeps you gently from the reef to the lagoon through a beautiful garden of multicolored coral, teeming with tropical fish. Just minutes from the busier islands of Raiatea and Bora Bora, Taha’a is a voyage back in time, far from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Tasting the rum from Taha’a
Taha'a vanilla © Tahiti Tourisme_Gregoire LE BACON
Taha’a rhum factory © Philippe Bacchet
Bateau à Taha'a © Tahiti Tourisme

Suggested itinerary

Four days in Taha’a

Life is lived at a slower pace in this simple and natural island, surrounded by a host of idyllic motu. There are numerous vanilla plantations on the island and the sweet smell of this exotic spice will perfume your visit. It would be a shame not to visit Taha’a during your vacation in The Islands of Tahiti. Here is our suggested itinerary for a four day break.


You’ll also enjoy

Activities in Taha’a

A boat trip or a fishing expedition are two different ways to explore the sea and appreciate the variety of marine life in the waters of Taha’a. For a more relaxing time, join a group of fellow sun worshippers for a picnic on a motu with barbecue on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear water. For a more active day, you can rent a kayak, paddleboard, windsurf or jetski and exlore the lagoon at your own pace.

Activities in Taha’a
A couple enjoying the view from their bungalow on stilts in Taha'a©_Grégoire Le Bacon
Kayaking in Taha'a_©_David Kirkland

Be inspired


The island of Taha’a is perfect for visitors looking for something different, and there is a wide choice of activities both on land and on the lagoon. You can visit a vanilla plantation and a rum distillery, go hiking, tour the island on an e-bike, go snorkeling through a beautiful coral garden or diving in the crystal clear water. And if you just want to relax, then you can spend the day on a motu, with a barbecue picnic on the beach.

More experiences
More experiences

Vacations in Taha’a

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Bungalow on stilts in Taha_a © Grégoire Le Bacon

Where to stay in Taha’a

There is a large variety of accommodation in Taha’a, from luxury hotel to Tahitian Guesthouse, from overwater bungalow to a room in the home of a Tahitian family. The island’s cuisine is based on fresh produce, notably fish from the lagoon and ocean, with the added flavor of vanilla, of course.

Getting there and getting around

There is no airport in Taha’a, so you must fly to Raiatea and then take a 30 minute boat trip. You can also take a ferry directly to Taha’a from Tahiti or from the neighboring islands of Bora Bora and Huahine.

On the island itself, you can rent a car, motor scooter, bike or e-bike to explore the different villages and tourist sites. The hotels and Tahitian Guesthouses have their own shuttle services to the airport and organize excursions on the lagoon.

Transfer to Taha'a by boat from Raiatea © Tahiti Tourisme
Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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