Situated in the heart of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, Tahiti is a name that makes the whole world dream. From the hectic city center of Papeete, to the peaceful drive through the peninsula, the island of Tahiti offers a great variety of scenery and an equally large choice of activities. Lofty mountains for hiking, the sea and the lagoon for swimming, beaches of soft white or black sand for basking in the sun. Museums to visit, international and typical Polynesian cuisine in the island’s restaurants and food trucks, sports meetings and festivities throughout the year.

What makes it so special

Why visit Tahiti?

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An outstanding tourist destination

With its imposing, majestic mountains, the biggest island in French Polynesia dominates the ocean in almost regal splendor. The mountainous interior hides mysterious valleys, rivers with pure spring water and impressive tumbling waterfalls.

Most of the island’s inhabitants live on the coast, leaving the interior almost intact and authentic, despite the busy capital never being very far away. Papeete, which means ‘water basket’ in Tahitian, is the cornerstone of this island nation.

It is a totally modern city with world-class hotels, gastronomic restaurants, nightclubs, a lively, colorful market, museums and shops, including pearl boutiques, of course.


Tahiti: a name that sounds like paradise

Activities in Tahiti
Traditional Polynesian hospitality © Grégoire Le Bacon

An authentic experience

Polynesians are famous for their sense of hospitality, and in Tahiti the welcome is warm and friendly. The first thing tourists notice is the casual, conviviality of the local population.

In Tahiti, people smile and are happy to pass the time of day with you, always willing to give help or advice. Visitors soon feel at home and relax into the easy rhythm of island life.

Why visit Tahiti?

Fill up on vitamin D

From pristine white sand beaches to secluded black sand beaches, Tahiti offers a wide range of breathtaking ocean views.


Not to be missed

What to do in Tahiti

There is so much to see and do in Tahiti: museums to visit, mountains to hike, the lagoon and beyond to explore, soft sandy beaches to bask on, fine restaurants and lively bars to discover.

What to do
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Culture and history

Tahiti’s historic heritage: a vibrant culture

Tahiti, the biggest of The Islands of Tahiti, is a land of culture, music and dance. Attend a performance of ‘ori Tahiti, the exotic traditional dance, visit an exhibition of contemporary art, a performance of modern theater, or a concert. Papeete is a center of artistic expression in all its forms.

A rich cultural heritage

You’ll also enjoy

The neighboring islands

Tahiti is surrounded by the vast and beautiful Pacific Ocean, but it isn’t completely isolated. Just a few kilometers from Papeete, the capital, is the island of Moorea. Explore its beaches and mountains and appreciate the tranquility. Go a little further and you’ll find bird island, Tetiaroa, the preserved atoll of Marlon Brando.

Tahiti’s natural heritage
View of the two bays © David Kirkland
Charter nautique Tetiaroa © Tahiti Fly Shoot

Be inspired


Stay on the island of Tahiti and discover the natural beauty of French Polynesia. Take advantage of our vacation packages to explore the untamed interior of the island and to immerse yourself in the Polynesian way of life.

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More experiences

Vacations in Tahiti

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Suggested itinerary

Four days in Tahiti

Explore the luxuriant interior, majestic mountains, waterfalls and deep mysterious valleys. Discover the island’s rich cultural heritage and eventful history. Enjoy fine food, traditional entertainment, shopping, beautiful beaches and watersports of all kinds. Take time to get to know Tahiti.

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Getting to and getting around Tahiti

The principal port of entry into French Polynesia is Tahiti-Faa’a International Airport, with flights arriving from major cities all over the world (Paris, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Tokyo, Auckland, Honolulu). You can rent a car at the airport, or catch a taxi or bus to the center of Papeete or directly to your hotel.

To discover some of the other islands in French Polynesia, there are sailboat cruises or passenger ferries. There is also a domestic airline that flies to 48 different islands, including Bora Bora, Rangiroa and the Marquesas Islands.

There are plenty of ways for you to get around in Tahiti and a wide choice of transport to help you discover what makes The Islands of Tahiti so very special.

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