The Islands of Tahiti are filled with Mana. This vital force that connects all living beings and is experienced in the culture’s rhythm, traditions, environment and nature. From this force, the lasting link between man and nature is derived. A link that must be protected, maintained and promoted. The Islands of Tahiti are unique and fragile at the same time, they are home to a community and an ecosystem that must be preserved. Discover how to travel responsibly and enjoy every moment in The Islands of Tahiti.

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Visit As A Guest And Leave As An Ambassador Of The Islands Of Tahiti 

‘Ia ora na e maeva!   It is our pleasure to welcome you to our islands and in return, all we ask is that you respect our fenua, our land.

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Ask A Certified Tahiti Specialist

Specialist travel agents with a perfect knowledge of the destination can offer tailor-made programs to ensure an authentic and sustainable experience when you visit The Islands of Tahiti.

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Take Your Time

The Islands of Tahiti is a destination to be explored at leisure. Take the time to immerse yourself in our culture, get to know the local population and discover the unique charms of our islands.

Discover our culture

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Visit During The Off-Peak Season

Our islands are blessed with an agreeable tropical climate throughout the year. Visiting during the off-peak season has many advantages, including reduced prices, more choice and greater availability. With fewer tourists around, your own experience will be even more authentic and put less pressure on our islands.

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Get Off The Beaten Path

There are 118 islands in French Polynesia, with 13 major tourist destinations spread over 5 archipelagos. You can give a boost to the local economy by visiting some of the lesser-known islands.

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Alternative Travel

Getting to The Islands of Tahiti usually involves a long flight and airline companies offer passengers the possibility to offset the carbon footprint of their travel. Once here, favor group travel whenever possible, or rent electric or hybrid vehicles.  Opt for accommodations and activities that are engaged in a sustainable tourism. Several service providers already adhere to a sustainable approach.   Various environmental labels exist to guide you in your choice of accommodations and activities.

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A Fa’atura Te Natura – Respect our Nature

French Polynesia is home to a rich and unique biodiversity that must be protected. Here is a list of tips to follow to enjoy it while preserving it:

  • Use an eco-friendly “reef-safe” sunscreen.
  • Don’t feed wild animals.
  • Respect the biosecurity regulations of French Polynesia as detailed here.  
  • Don’t take seashells as souvenirs, prefer local handcrafts.

Discover polynesian nature

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Preserve Our Natural Resources

Our natural resources are very precious. Please try to keep your water and energy consumption to the minimum (reuse towels when possible, turn off lights and air conditioning when not required, etc.).

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Buy Local Produce

Purchasing local produce contributes to the local economy and the development of the local community. Many farmers, fishermen and local craftspeople rely on this income.

Taste polynesian cuisine

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Immerse Yourself In The Local Culture  

Take time to learn a little about the culture of The Islands of Tahiti and the special energy that flows through them, the Mana. It is a force which binds man and nature, and manifests throughout the islands.  Certain sites are considered sacred, or tapu (taboo), it is important to respect them and seek permission before visiting them. Familiarize yourself with a few words of our language: ‘Ia ora na (hello) and Māuruuru (thank you) will always be greeted with a smile.

Familiarize yourself with the tahitian language

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Sustainable trip in The Islands of Tahiti

With its magnificent scenery, turquoise lagoons and rich ancestral culture, French Polynesia is a dream destination for visitors from all over the world. To preserve the unique natural beauty of The Islands of Tahiti, it is essential that tourists visit in an eco-responsible manner. Here is a suggested itinerary for a three day break to discover The Islands of Tahiti in a way that is respectful of the environment.


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