Explore the hidden treasures of Ua Pou. Ua Pou is an isolated island in the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. It is a tranquil island with spectacular scenery and a rich cultural heritage. The perfect destination for to relax and unwind, far from the stresses of modern life.

What makes it so special

Why visit Ua Pou?

Ua Pou from the sky © Grégoire Le Bacon

Nature and unique arts

Two of the island’s special attractions are the flower stones and the basalt pillars. Ua Pou is the perfect destination for anyone seeking to get away from the crowds and discover a different culture.

A spectacular, preserved natural landscape, and a warm and welcoming population are the main characteristics of this authentic, Polynesian island. Visitors will discover a wide choice of outdoor activities and local craftsmanship in surroundings of a unique, rugged beauty.


Festival of the Marquesas Islands 2019 © Bertrand Duquenne

Culture and history

Ua pou is an island steeped in history and culture, and the inhabitants are rightly proud of their heritage and traditions.
You can visit the cultural center in Hakahau, where you’ll find a craft workshop, a bookstore, an agricultural cooperative and a small museum.

In the company of a guide, you can discover some of the island’s many archeological sites, such as tohua Manuia, a sacred place where religious and festive ceremonies were held. A local guide, will also take you on the hiking trail to Poumaka peak, and tell you some of the island’s history and legends on the way.

Le Pic de Poumaka de Ua Pou © Grégoire Le Bacon

Suggested itinerary

Three days in Ua Pou

If you like fresh air and big open spaces, then Ua Pou is perfect for you. Getting there is something of adventure – you either take the cargo ferry, Aranui 5, which stops to deliver merchandise to other islands on the way; or you fly and enjoy a hair raising landing on the sloping airstrip!


Not to be missed

What to do in Ua Pou

A four-wheel drive excursion or a day’s hiking? Exploring the interior of the island, or sightseeing along the coast? Either way, breathtaking views are guaranteed. For example, on the trail to the basalt pillars, which are a veritable natural cathedral, you’ll pass the bay of sharks, where the water is so clear that you can observe these impressive creatures without even getting your feet wet!
On Hohoi beach you’ll see local craftspeople searching for the famous flower stones. Then, in the main village, Hakahau, you can visit the craft workshop to admire (and buy) some of their magnificent creations.

Hiking and Excursions in Ua Pou
Ua Pou, Vaiehu Bay © Bertrand Duquenne
Cathedral in Ua Pou © Tahiti Tourisme

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Staying in Ua Pou

Enjoy the charm of a Tahitian Guesthouse, where you’ll be welcomed like a member of the family. You could also consider a sailboat cruise, so that you can explore the Ua Pou and its surroundings.

Getting there and getting around

You can get to the island by boat or by plane, and the voyage itself is something of an adventure. The sea transport is on the mixed cargo/passenger vessel, Aranui 5, which also delivers goods and merchandise to the islands. The flight ends with a slightly hair-raising landing on a sloping airstrip, which makes you grateful for the skilled prefessionalism of our pilots! But either way, you’re sure of a warm welcome once you’ve arrived.

You can rent a car or motor scooter to explore the island’s magnificent countryside, or there are local taxis and passenger ferries which will take you from one part of the island to another. But if you’re in good health and an enthusiastic nature lover, then there’s no better way to see Ua Pou than on one of the island’s many hiking trails.

Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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