10-day Private Stay in The Islands of Tahiti with Wayfairer

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Journey through Tahiti, & Taha’a on this heavenly Islands of Tahiti island hopping luxury holiday.

Travel without limits on this Islands of Tahiti island hopping package, travelling between the best Islands of Tahiti hotels and experiencing its majesty whilst bathing in luxury.

Start your journey in the cultural hub of Tahiti, sinking into the flawless tropical beauty of InterContinental Tahiti. Your relaxed afternoons are transported to an exclusive oasis, whilst exciting activities bring you to Tahiti’s most treasured beauties.

Journey through the vibrant coral gardens and lush landscapes of Raiatea and Taha’a. Revel in the shades of blue which emerge from the South Pacific, gliding in a private catamaran on four days of boundless discovery.

Complete your Islands of Tahiti island hopping escapade with a celestial stay on a 75-acre Boutique Private Island Resort named Motu Nao Nao. Watch as The Islands of Tahiti’s pastel sunsets wash the canvas sky beyond the islet’s tree-framed beaches.

Overwater villas, beachfront views & private island resorts, we’ll ensure a luxury stay.


Days 1-3: Discovering Tahiti
Days 1-3: Discovering Tahiti
Be warmly greeted by a Wayfairer representative following your landing in Tahiti, feeling the island’s warm breezes brushing against your face. It is time to travel without limits, beginning with a short drive to your sumptuous stay in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti.

You arrive at InterContinental Tahiti, a paradisical stay encircled by all that people love about Tahitian islands and facing the distant mountains of Moorea. You are quickly introduced to the quintessential spirit of The Islands of Tahiti, your bags lifted from your hands as you are welcomed into your sleek stilted bungalow.

Spend your days revelling in Tahiti’s beating sun, plunging into the resort’s alluring lagoonarium and meandering amidst tropical fish with a snorkel in hand. Indulge in the culinary bounty of InterContinental Tahiti, familiarising your tastebuds with the fusion of French and Tahitian flavours often found on the Tahitian islands.

Step outside of your comfort zone, as the Intercontinental Tahiti offers to lead you on a journey through Tahiti’s bold landscapes, helping you uncover its most hidden treasures. Explore Tahiti by 4×4, embark on a Moorea island tour or slip away on a jet-ski. This is Tahiti – tailored to you.

Days 3-6: Cruising Raiatea and Taha’a Lagoon
Days 3-6: Cruising Raiatea and Taha’a Lagoon

A 35-minute flight takes you to the stunning Raiatea, where Mount Temehani towers in stark contrast to its surroundings, still turquoise. From here, you are transferred to Uturoa Marina, along the northeastern coastline of The Islands of Tahiti’s second-largest island. You pass bustling local communities and the island’s iconic palm-fringed shoreline.

Today is the day to embark on your Islands of Tahiti sailing adventure, transporting your Islands of Tahiti island-hopping journey onto the crystalline azure of its waters. You board the Lagoon 42 Tahiti Yacht Charter, a dynamic and exclusive vessel built masterfully to combine opulence with discovery.

The yacht homes three sumptuous double cabins, which bring The Island of Tahiti’s unmatched tropical beauty right to your bedside. Absorb the rare quietude offered by this Islands of Tahiti cruise, relishing in the abundance of nature hidden in the corners of Raiatea and Taha’a.

Dive into their shared lagoon, uncovering sharks, sting rays and a myriad of exotic fish which linger by elaborate coral gardens. Wander close to their majestic mountaintops, discovering other-worldly viewpoints and mystifying sunsets.

Days 6-10: Exploring Motu Nao Nao
Days 6-10: Exploring Motu Nao Nao

Following a late disembarkation at Raiatea airport, you are led toward the magnificently peaceful private island of Motu Nao Nao. This exclusive opportunity brings you closer than ever to the heart of The Islands of Tahiti, offering an experience defined by absolute privacy and sanctuary.

Paradise is at your fingertips at Motu Nao Nao. Looking around, your view is brimmed with the endless blue of the South Pacific – you feel the stresses of back home quickly melt away.

You are warmly welcomed to your stay in one of the island’s three private villas, its classic Tahitian thatched-roof style complementing the dense tropical foliage which surrounds it. Opening your ears, the gentle hum of nature soon becomes your holiday soundtrack.

Your exclusive Islands of Tahiti private island experience is completed by personalised hospitality, pairing Motu Nao Nao’s natural extravagance with sensory indulgence. Befriend your private chef, tasting local delicacies and an extensive wine menu, dining on a pristine beach before an evening walk on the docks.

Day 10: Heading back to Tahiti for your final day
Day 10: Heading back to Tahiti for your final day

Your dreamy Islands of Tahiti holiday is coming to a close. It’s time to grasp all that you adore about the Tahitian islands for the last time, packing in final glimpses of Tahiti’s magical beaches.

Enjoy your last day in the comfort and grandiose of the Hilton Tahiti, a sumptuous hotel located in Tahiti’s capital, Papeete. Soak up the hotel’s phenomenal vistas of Moorea Island and the twinkling blue in between.

Perhaps you wish to spend your final afternoon in Papeete’s Carrefour Plaza, journeying between its trendy shops and venues. Tahiti’s buzzing atmosphere is one you will never forget.

Travelling on your transfer back for your flight home, you recollect the tapestry of memories you have made during your  island hopping adventure. Flicking through your camera, it feels inevitable that you will return.

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Raiatea, Tahiti

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