The summit of Mount Taitaa is 262 feet above sea level. The hike to the top is a favorite hiking trail in The Islands of Tahiti. The reward when you get to the top is a magnificent, panoramic view over the whole island, its lagoon and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

Tubuai is a 1 hour 30 minute flight from Tahiti. When you visit the island, a hike to the top of Mount Taitaa is almost obligatory. The locals say: “You haven’t really been to Tubuai if you haven’t been to the top of Mount Taitaa.” In the 19th century, the famous explorers, Wallis and Cook, both found Tubuai to be one of the most beautiful islands they’d ever seen, with its lush green mountains and a crystal clear, turquoise lagoon. The Bounty mutineers also found it to their liking, but the local population didn’t like them, and drove them away. The Austral Islands are incredibly picturesque, and you’ll spend a lot of time during your stay trying to capture that beauty with your camera. The views from the top of Mount Taitaa are guaranteed to earn plenty of ‘likes’ on your Instagram page!

360° of pure beauty from the top of Mount Taitaa

There is a choice of trails that take you to the top of Mount Taitaa ,and the easist is the widest one. As with many of the climbs in French Polynesia, Mount Taitaa is not as easy as it first looks, and actually gets a little challenging towards the end. We recommend that you use the services of a local guide, and your accommodation will be able to put you in touch with one. You’ll need sturdy footwear, a hat, and plenty of water, as it takes about an hour and a half to get to the top. The reward when you finally make it, is one of the most spectacular views in The Islands of Tahiti.

The last stretch of the climb is quite physical, and you have to use your hands to help you crawl up the final few miles. Standing on the summit you’ll be able to admire the aerial ballet performed by swooping tropicbirds, with their long white tails streaming behind them. The Tahitian name for these birds is vini, which was chosen as the name of the local mobile telephone service. In November of each year, Mount Taitaa is part of a very popular trail running race, called the ‘Raid Litchis’. There are four categories: young, fun, veteran and, for the top athletes, elite.

Other activities and tourist sites in Tubuai

Once you’ve climbed back down from the top of Mount Taitaa, you’ll probably want to go for a refreshing dip in the beautiful lagoon to cool off. The beaches in Tubuai are superb, and there are thirteen different varieties of sand on them!

Tubuai has some very good dive sites to explore, especially the coral reef. Alternatively, you can rent an ebike to tour round the island and explore the archeological sites. Stopping at Taahuaia, you can visit the reconstruction of Fort George, a site of historical importance for both French Polynesia and the United Kingdom. The fort was originally built by the Bounty mutineers, who tried to settle on Tubuai against the wishes of the local population. After a series of bloody skirmishes, the islanders managed to drive them away and the mutineers fled, eventually settling on Pitcairn Island.

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