Moorea is an island you can explore on your own or in the complany of a professional guide. Sporting, cultural, gastronomic, well-being and countless other leisure activities await you in a truly exceptional environment. Discover the wealth of activities available in The Islands of Tahiti.

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Adopt a coral with the Coral Gardeners Association

Coral Gardeners offer tourists the opportunity to adopt a piece of coral, as part of the association’s committment to the preservation of marine life. The adopted corals are planted on the reef and the association will keep you regularly informed of their development. An easy way for you to contribute to safeguarding the biodiversity of The Islands of Tahiti.

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A round of golf

Moorea Golf Club has an 18 hole course on the shores of the magnificent turquoise lagoon. A truly idyllic setting for a round of golf that’ll make the members at the clubhouse back home green with envy .

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Te Fare Natura ecomuseum

The Te Fare ecomuseum is in Opunohu Bay. Interesting, informative and fun, a visit to the museum will tell you much about the unique biodiversity to be found in The Islands of Tahiti.

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The heart of the island

There is as much to see on the island’s interior as there is in the lagoon. Visit the marae at Opunohu and then set off on the trail of the ancestors to visit some of Moorea’s archeological sites. A professional guide will take you hiking to the 3 coconut tree pass and the superb scenic viewpoint at Opunohu, and he’ll entertain you with some of Moorea’s many tales and legends.

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Follow the pineapple trail on foot, bike, quad or four wheel drive

Moorea is sometimes called ‘pineapple island’ and it won’t take you long to find out why. Visit the plantations where you’ll find out that pineapples don’t grow on trees after all! Then climb to the belvedere scenic viewpoint at Opunohu to see Moorea in all its glory.

Pique-nique les pieds dans l'eau © David Kirkland


Picnic excursion to a motu

Take a day trip on the lagoon to visit some of the beautiful isolated beaches and swim with among the colorful tropical fish. Lunch, is a delicious picnic served at the water’s edge on a secluded motu, followed by a siesta on the beach in the shade of a coconut tree.

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Treetop adventure park

On the road to the scenic viewpoint at Opunohu, Tiki Parc is a treetop adventure park with activities for all ages. Ziplines, Nepalese rope bridges, Tarzan jumps, swings…a fun day out for all the family.

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Horseback riding at Opunohu ranch

You can go horseback riding at Opunohu ranch, located in the hilly center of the island. A perfect way to discover the beautiful scenery of Moorea’s interior and make a new friend! Giddy up!

Faire le tour de l’île en vélo électrique©_Grégoire Le Bacon


Tour of the island on an ebike

An ebike is a very pleasant way to see some of the beautiful sites in Moorea without too much effort. The road around the island is only 37 miles long, so your battery won’t run out and you can even make a few detours to see the sights.

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Parasailing is a marvellous , fun way to see the lagoon and admire the contours of the island. Solo, duo and even trio flights are available and you get to splash down in the clear warm water at the end.

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Parachute jump

A parachute jump will give you a bird’s eye view of the whole island and neighboring Tahiti. A thrilling way to admire the beauty of French Polynesia and the clarity of the turquoise waters in the lagoon.

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Transparent kayak

An excursion on a transparent kayak let’s you explore the magnificent underwater world of Moorea’s lagoon without getting wet…in theory! Suitable for adults and children, you can easily observe manta rays, sea turtles and tropical fish, as they swim in the crystal clear water below your feet.

Session plongée avec des bancs de poissons © Mark Fitz


Scuba diving

There are several superb dive sites in Moorea, mostly in the north of the lagoon. Discover the incredible diversity of marine life to be found in the waters of The Islands of Tahiti. The dive centers offer sessions for all levels, including beginners.

Observer les baleines lors de la saison © Grégory Lecoeur


Whale watching

Between July and November, humpback whales vist the waters of French Polynesia to reproduce and nurture their young. Take a boat excursion to observe these magnificent creatures up close. Sometimes you can even spot them from the beach!

Faire une virée snorkeling entre les deux motu à Tiahura©_Grégoire Le Bacon


Snorkeling between the motu at Tiahura

Tiahura beach in the northwest of the island is a perfect spot for snorkeling. You can safely swim from motu Fareone to Motu Tiahura and observe the beautiful corals and tropical fish in the crystal clear water below.

Suivre un food tour ©_Grégoire Le Bacon


A food tour of Moorea

A tour of Moorea that’s guaranteed to please your tastebuds. Food Tour will take you on a culinary excursion to discover the traditional cuisine of The Islands of Tahiti. Enjoy delicious dishes, desserts and drinks, and get a good taste of of The Islands of Tahiti.

Ma_a Tahiti ©_Ra_i Mao


Cultural immersion in Tiki Village

Tiki Village is a cultural center in Moorea where you can discover the way of life of the ancient Polynesians. Follow your guide on a voyage back in time, listen to the legends and tales, and learn about the ancestral culture of The Islands of Tahiti.

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