After a day swimming at the beach or hiking in the mountains, there’s nothing that quenches your thirst better than an exotic Tahitian cocktail. The Mai Tai and Pina Colada are the most famous of Polynesian cocktails, but there are plenty of others, with or without alcohol. Here are some that you can mix at home when you invite your friends round to admire your suntan!

Vanilla is an ingredient that you can safely slip into any cocktail or alcohol free mocktail. This fragrant and versatile spice will instantly give your drink a sweet, tropical flavor that a little coconut and mango will make even more ‘South Pacific’.

Cocktails in French Polynesia

With such a large variety of exotic tropical fruits and a tradition of rum making, it isn’t surprising that cocktails are popular drinks in The Islands of Tahiti. Mango, orange, kiwi, lychee, banana and countless other fruits can be blended with, or without, a little rum, vodka or liqueur, to make the perfect tipple for watching the sun setting over the turqoise lagoon.

Traditional Tahitian cocktails

Don’t hesitate to try some delicious Tahitian cocktails during your vacation in The Islands of Tahiti. Here are a few of the most popular:

– Mai Tai, the king of cocktails, is also known as Tahitian punch. A mouthwatering mixture of rum, orange juice, lime juice, orgeat syrup and grenadine. With a slice of orange and a parasol to stop you drinking it too quickly!

– Pina Colada is an emblematic cocktail that you’ll find in every hotel bar in the world. Rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream, a pina colada is The Islands of Tahiti in a glass!

– Noni juice is an alcohol-free mocktail. A delicious blend of the anti-oxidant fruit, noni, with lime juice and honey, It’s a drink that will also boost your energy levels noticably.

– Blue Lagoon is a cocktail that will remind you of the color of the sea in The Islands of Tahiti. Vodka, blue curaçao and lemonade, with a slice of lemon to give it an extra touch of the islands.

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