Tahiti Ocean Explorer

Tahiti Ocean Explorer has been present in Tahiti since 2013.
Tahiti Ocean Explorer is present in Tahiti since 2013.
From the Marina Taina, we organize excursions to meet the marine life
(coral reef, turtles, dolphins, sharks, whales) supervised by naturalist guides.
Themed excursions, private outings, sunset aperitif, tailor-made…


– Scuba diving on the ocean side (corals, turtles, sharks, wrecks)
– Scuba diving baptism
– Snorkeling in the lagoon in a marine protected area on wrecks, sandbanks
– Humpback whale watching (only from August to November)
– Towed buoy / Wakeboard
– Dolphin/turtle/ray/shark watching

Take control of our boats with your coastal license.
Discover the Tahitian lagoon with your family or friends (up to 8 people)
We have boats with captains that can accommodate up to 20 people
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  • Marine fauna and flora observation

On-site activities

  • Tourist transport
  • Boat trip


Tahiti Ocean Explorer, Puna'auia, Polynésie française
98718 Punaauia
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