Each year, the FIFO embarks on an exploration of Oceania. The event takes place in Tahiti at the Maison de la Culture. Every documentary film is a unique voyage into the heart of Oceania. The festival is above all an opportunitry for Oceanians to promote their culture and voice their concerns. After Tahiti, the festival goes on a tour of the other archipelagos in French Polynesia, then on to other parts of Oceania. It is a celebration of life in the Pacific for people from vastly different cultures.

Oceania through the lens of a camera

The FIFO is an exceptional cultural melting pot which features:

– a selction of documentary films concerning Oceania.

– a special evening of fictional short films.

– an evening of short documentary films about modern day Oceania.

– a conference for Oceanian TV companies.

– a ‘pitch dating’ session for film makers to meet producers.

– various other conferences, workshops and animations.

Organizer : Association du Festival International du Film documentaire Océanien (FIFO)
Phone: (689)
Email : [email protected]

The FIFO is also available online at: https://www.fifotahiti.com/en/online/

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