The island of Raiatea, to the south of Bora Bora, is the most sacred island in the Polynesian Triangle. Visit a site that has been classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, navigate on Faaroa River, and pass an emotional moment admiring an endemic flower which is the island’s emblem, the tiare apetahi.

A historical and cultural site in Raiatea

Raiatea is an island with a uniquely rich culture and environment, where you can travel back in time to the very beginnings of the maohi civilization, 1,000 years ago. The Marae of Taputapuatea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most sacred site in the Polynesian Triangle. You can take a guided tour of this vast archeological site, where large information panels will help you understand its significance.

After your visit, cross the road to the Te-Ara-Hiti-Ni’a path that leads up the mountain. Regular resting spots give you superb views over the marae and lagoon and from the top you can look out over the Pacific Ocean and the neighboring islands of Huahine and Taha’a. This tour not only gives you an insight into the cultural importance of Raiatea, it also enbles you to see a large part of the island and appreciate its unspoiled beauty.

Raiatea is heaven for those who loves hiking.

« Our islands are magnificent, let’s keep them that way when we visit them  »

Keanu Boosie, Polynesian singer and guitarist

The Tiare Apetahi, an endemic flower of Raiatea © Philippe Bacchet

Did you know?

The tiare apetahi is the emblematic flower of Raiatea and is endemic, growing nowhere else in the world except on the top of Mount Temahini. It is not to be confused with the tiare Tahiti, the fragrant flower that is the emblem of French Polynesia and can be found everywhere in The Islands of Tahiti.

Practical information

What sporting activities are there in Raiatea?

Like everywhere else in The Islands of Tahiti, Raiatea is an island that love sports. Scuba diving, hiking, va’a outrigger canoe, sailing and almost any watersport you can mention.

What if it rains?

You can still go out on the lagoon, but if you don’t want to get wet, have a massage, visit a Tahitian cultured pearl farm or a vanilla plantation, or go shopping for souvenirs in the town of Uturoa.

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Faaroa river is the only navigable river in French Polynesia. it is a wonderful trip by boat, outrigger canoe or kayak.

More experiences
More experiences
Central stone of the sacred marae of taputaputapuate © Tahiti Tourisme


3 days in Raiatea

A visit to the marae of Taputapuatea is an essential part of any vacation in Raiatea. Take a trip up the Faaroa river and visit the botanical garden. For those in good phiscal condition, go on a guided hike to the top of Mount Temehani, to see one of the world’s most beautiful endangered flowers and a view that you’ll never forget. Rent a boat or go on a lagoon excursion to some of the motu, with a diving session for enthusiasts. Go for a tour of the neighboring island of Taha’a and take home some of the best vanilla in French Polynesia.

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