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Pacific Tv Productions

Audiovisual and digital design and production
PACIFIC TV PROD T AHITI is an professional organization for international productions who assist film, commercials, television, documentaries, webcast and other emerging media projects to the production for over 15years. We provides a central point of customer service and clearinghouse of information, answers and solutions to productions while connecting production companies world-wide to French Polynesia territories, production facilities, equipment and supplies, support services, local award-winning professional crew sand vendors. We also provide throught the year, a variety of services included permitting ned sand requirements, script breakdown, logistic, customized location scouting tailored to specific project needs and intergovernmental coordination and liaison assistance. Our mot t o at PA CI FI C T V PROD T A HI T I i s : « Persistence, is the ability to overcome all obstacles between you and your imagination » Our French Polynesia Territories boast a variety of unique locations. Extends over more than five million square km 4118 islands scattered into five archipelagos. So if your next production is searching for miles of cristal blue lagoon, white sand beach, majestic mountains, pictured polynesian scenic places, authentique, nice and helfull people from Pacific Islands, water sports, original haka, outtriger pirogue, original surf stories, original scuba diving experiences, Tatoo etc..your camera will find it in French Polynesia.


Pacific Tv Productions
PK2 Centre AUAE II Faa’a – Papeete – TAHITI
98714 Papeete
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