Manuia! Raise a glass of wine to the only vineyard in the world that’s on a motu in the middle of a lagoon! Superb white and rosé wines are produced from these unique grapes and delicous rum is distilled from the sugar cane that grows next to them.

It would be a shame not to make a visit to the Domaine du Domique Auroy when you’re in Rangiroa. Seven and a half acres of vines were planted on a small motu in 1997, and in the year 2000 the first ever Polynesian wine was produced from the 100 lbs harvested. Today, the harvest has considerably increased and the winery produces rosé, dry and sweet white wines with a growing international reputation. If you fancy something a little stronger than wine, the Domaine also distills a delicious organic white rum, Mana’o Rangiroa. Bottoms up!

White and rosé wines and rum, “made in Rangiroa”

As well as the magnificent marine life, there is another treasure for you to discover in Rangiroa – Polynesian wine. The winery is quite recent, with the first vines being planted in 1997, but the white and rosé wines have a growing international reputation, both for the unique geography of the vineyard and the quality of the product itself. The coral soil and year round sunshine means that the grapes can be harvested every five months or so, producing two vintages per year. Following much research and testing, the grape varieties found to be the most productive and rewarding were Carignan red, Italia and Muscat de Hambourg. They produce refreshing wines with notes of citrus and exotic fruits.

There are also several acres of sugarcane on the island of Rangiroa which is used to produce a fine white organic rum, Mana’o Rangiroa. The sugarcane, which is an ancient variety, is harvested and pressed in Rangiroa before being shipped to Tahiti for distilling. Perhaps that explains why it is a rum that travels well! To be consumed in moderation, of course.

Rangiroa, a taste of paradise

As well as the delicious wines and rum, take advantage of being in Rangiroa to taste some of the traditional cuisine of the Tuamotu Islands. Try some poisson cru au lait de coco, and poulet fafa, a delicious chicken dish in spinach and coconut milk sauce. Tama’a maitai!

French Polynesian gastronomy, based on fresh local produce, is an exotic blend of a variety of flavors. Poisson cru with an added zest of lime and served with crudités, is perfect at any time of the day, especially when served with a glass of dry white wine from the Vin de Tahiti winery in Rangiroa. A delicious meal that your taste buds will remember for a long time!

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