If you like heights and you’re looking for thrills, visit the treetop adventure parks in Tahiti and Moorea and get your fill of both.

The opportunity to combine thrills and adventure with a bird’s eye view from the trees in The Islands of Tahiti. The treetop adventure parks in Moorea and Tahiti offer a fun day out for all the family. Take a break from the beach and find out the real reason why birds live up in the treetops – the views are superb!

Up in the air in Moorea

With your harness firmly tightened, you’re ready for a truly uplifting experience at Tiki Park in Moorea. Ziplines, ropes and pulleys, ramps, Nepalese ladders and adrenaline rushes galore, await you in the treetop adventure park. Remember, when you’re up in the trees, don’t look down – look out! The view over the Opuhonu valley and the mountains of Moorea is sublime.

There’s another chance to get a bird’s eye view of Tahiti at Rainbow Park. You’ll find it on the route to the Belvedère in Pirae and it’s an ideal place to take a break from the beach for the day. Hanging from ziplines and leaping from tree to tree like a Polynesian Tarzan, you can stop on one of the platforms to admire the superb views over the Pacific Ocean. Once you’ve come back down to earth, visit the animal park or play a round of mini-golf.

A fun day out for all ages

The treetop aventure parks in Tahiti and Moorea offer an unforgettable and fun day out for all the family. The opportunity to admire the magnificent scenery in The Islands of Tahiti from a different angle, in complete safety. Take a break from the beach and take your vacation to a higher level.

Rainbow Park and Tiki Park are the two treetop adventure parks in The Islands of Tahiti are ideal places for a fun day for the whole family. There are different circuits suitable for all ages to cross from tree to tree in complete safety. The parks also offer a chance to increase the awareness among children of the importance of trees for the sustainability and future of the environment.

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