Raiatea means ‘distant sky’ or ‘sky with soft light’ in Tahitian. This green, mountainous island is the most sacred island in French Polynesia. The dive sites in the passes have very clear water, so you can observe the marine life from a distance and see down to the seabed.

Dive sites in Raiatea

In the waters around the sacred island you can dive down to a shipwreck and swim with a large variety of marine species.

Épave Du Norby © Marie Charlotte Ropert

The Nordby shipwreck

An exceptional dive site which you can visit by night as well as during the day. The Nordby, a Danish three masted ship sank in the lagoon in the year 1900, while en route from Auckland to Liverpool. It is one of the biggest shipwrecks in French Polynesia and lies at a depth of 30 meters, not far from the pontoon of the ancient Bali Hai Hotel. The dive is patricularly thrilling at night.

Te Ava Piti pass

Without doubt one of the most exciting drift dives in the Society Islands. The pass is sheltered by a 10 meter plateau and is home to blacktip and whitetip sharks. You’ll also see barracudas, jackfish, leopard rays, dogtooth tuna, wrasse and groupers.

requin de récif dans le beau lagon bleu de Raiatea et Tahaa © Tahiti Tourisme

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Raiatea is not just a magnificent place for watersports, it is also home to some of the most important archeological sites in The Islands of Tahiti.

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